To foster educational programs for training in seamanship, navigation, and related skills; and all other activities related for the purpose of sailing


To make learning to sail more accessible, the Pontiac Sailing Education Foundation was founded in 1984 as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Our goal is to get as many children on the water as possible in order to enjoy the lifelong sport of sailing. The future of the sport of sailing is dependent on cultivating the interest and developing skills for sailing in our children. Pontiac Yacht Club is separate from PSEF and PSEF wishes to thank PYC for its support and use of its site for PSEF sailing programs. During Fall and Spring, high school interscholastic racing teams sail at PYC. In the summer, PYC is the site for Pontiac Junior Sailing Camp. PSEF is pleased to offer scholarships for summer tuition, which is distributed to a handful of youth each year on a need-based basis. The PSEF Board is currently targeting opportunities to enhance the program, safety, competition, and education of junior sailors.


PSEF Board Goals

Sailing Instruction Scholarships

Equipment and Infrastructure Acquisition

Regional and National Regatta Participation

Support of Junior Sailing Instructional Programs at PYC

Support of Junior Sailboat Racing Teams at PYC and High School Interscholastic Teams